Upcoming Events

5.11        London Ayn Rand Meetup           The Yaron Brook Show – “Left” vs “Right”

6.11        York Ayn Rand Meetup                 The Metaphysical Versus the Man-made

7.11        London Ayn Rand Meetup           TBA

12.11     ARI Global (London)                       Should Government Regulate Facebook? Free Speech & Social Media – live discussion with Yaron Brook, Brendan O’Neill & Kate Andrews

14.11     Adam Smith Institute                     The Ayn Rand Lecture, delivered by Michael Kaufmann

19.11     London Ayn Rand Meetup           Rights & Democracy: Which Comes First? Debate between Dr Joanna Williams & Dr Nikos Sotirakopoulos

21.11     London Ayn Rand Meetup           TBA

26.11     Colchester Ayn Rand Meetup    Moral Virtue: Justice

28.11     London Ayn Rand Meetup           Package Deals: Ethnicity

29.11     Sheffield Ayn Rand Meetup        The Purpose of Philosophy

1.12        Leeds Salon                                        Heroic Individualism – Dr Nikos Sotiralopoulos

1.12        York Ayn Rand Meetup                 Moral Virtue: Justice

2.12        Liverpool Ayn Rand Meetup       The Purpose of Philosophy

2.12        Manchester Ayn Rand Meetup The Purpose of Philosophy