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  • Weekly study group on Leonard Peikoff's courses on Objectivism, with James Valliant & access to past sessions.
  • Weekly book club on Ayn Rand's novels & access to past sessions.
  • Access to live Productivity Hub workshops & recordings.
  • Access to ARCUK WhatsApp Groups.
  • Members-only in-person events.
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  • Exclusive access to an in-depth course on science.
  • Participation in ARCUK Mock Trials as a juror & access to the recordings of past trials.
  • Access to The ARCUK Philosophy Forum, weekly discussion sessions with other members & ARCUK hosts on various topics.
  • Upcoming Courses on Money Creation and its Consequences, Public Speaking & Grammar
Rearden Metal
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  • Subscription to HBLetter.
  • Upcoming course (starting on the 11th of July) on US Constitutional Law & Individual Rights with James Valliant.
Midas Mulligan
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Rearden Metal Perks, plus:
  • Monthly Roundtable Meeting with a director of ARCUK.
  • Sponsor a segment on The Reality Show after six months of membership (yearly).
  • Workshop on investing with Jonathan Hoenig.
  • Get mentioned in every YouTube video description while at this membership level.
  • Membership of the Midas Mulligan Network.
  • Monthly philosophical consulting group session with Dr. Harry Binswanger.
  • 50% off TDO-CON VIP Ticket After 4 Months of Membership.
  • Gift one gold & one silver membership.
Perks with Partners:
  • Thinking Directions with Jean Moroney
    • Read-only membership to Jean Moroney's Thinking Lab
  • One-time free art consultation of 250$ value with Linda Cordair (after three months of membership).
  • Thomas Bisson personal training:
    • Membership of a private Facebook group.
    • Access to exclusive courses.
    • 45-minute consultation call (after 4 months of membership).